The Mysterious Disappearance Of Mr. Garner

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This album features songs written between 1976 and 1979. It was recorded in Hamburg in 1982 under inconvenient circumstances, one of which was the total absence of a recording budget.

The record was released first in Germany at the zenith of a phenomenon called: New Wave of German Music (Neue Deutsche Welle) which meant more or less that nobody -at least in Germany- wanted to hear English songs at the time. On top of that, the record company decided that I ab-so-lu-te-ly needed another name so I turned into Chris Garner (Chris is easier to understand than Nick, how about that?).

A few months after the album release the company closed down the record label. Since the original vinyl record has not been available for some years now, I thought I might as well re-release it (new name, new cover, some bonus tracks). The songs passed the test of time, I dare say.

I choose the extended version of "Lady, we can" that did very well in clubs, probably because people thought it to be a takemanydrugsanddanceyourbrainoutsortofsong (it isn’t).

I included two original demos of songs that didn’t make it on the album.
"Too beautiful for words" was recorded 1979 in my personal Hiss and Distortion Studio.
"A song for no-one in particular " was recorded 1978 in the Rainbow Studio in The Hague.


01: Nocturnal Angel (4.08)
02: My Heartache Lingers On (3.00)
03: I’ll Never Ask For Love (3.29)
04: Lady, We Can *) (6.00)
05: What Happened To Our Love (3.38)
06: Memory (3.36)
07: Not Gonna Leave You (3.28)
08: Love is Blind (1.20)
09: Dance With Me (3.37)
10: Too Beautiful For Words (3.00)
11: A Song For No-one In Particular (2.01)

All songs written by Nick Oosterhuis except *): written by Nick Oosterhuis and Bernd Jost.

Produced and arranged by Nick Oosterhuis (10-11)
Produced and arranged by Bernd Jost and Nick Oosterhuis. (1-9)

© & (p) 2011 Eject Music. Track 11 : 1978. Track 10 : 1979. Track 1-9 : 1982.



Nick Oosterhuis: Grand Piano, Rhodes, B3-organ, Guitars, Synthesizers, Bass, Lead and Backup vocals.
Guitars: Peter Weihe
Bass: Tissy Thiers, Anselm Kluge, Jonky Meulstee, Benny Bendorff, Jan Hollestelle.
Synths: Adrian Askew, Michael Eschauzier, Bernd Jost, Detlev Reshöft.
Drums: Dicky Tarrach, Jaap Tuinebreyer, Ton op `t Hof.
Strings:The Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra, arranged and conducted by Werner Becker.
Backup vocals: Jonky Meulstee, Michael Reinicke, Bernd Jost, Monica Tjhen A Kwoei.

Saxophone: Manfred Seegers (unfortunately forgotten on the CD Booklet, sorry Manfred…)

Recorded 1981- 82 at Maschen and Tennessee studios Hamburg, Germany (1-9) 1978 at the Rainbow Studio, The Hague (11) and 1979 at the Hiss and Distortion studio, Rhoon, The Netherlands (10)
Re-mastered 2000 at the State Department Music Studios, Hamburg, by Clemens Von Witte and Nick Oosterhuis.

Published by Polygram songs (1,2,5,6,7), EMI songs (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) and Eject Music (10,11).

Cover painting: Johannes Saurer.
Photos: Sandra Haenlein, Trudy Schafer.
Cover design: Marten Moolenaar (

Special thanx to Mr. and Mrs. Oosterhuis, Albert Schönberg, Johannes Saurer, Uwe Pittan, Clemens Von Witte, Trudy Schafer, Marten Moolenaar.

Original Sketch from Johannes Saurer (The Mysterious Disappearance of Mr. Garner)