From The Dutchbin

(Demos & Outtakes 1984-1994)


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Last winter, while cleaning out the studio archive, I stumbled over a pile of analog tapes that were full of song sketches, demos etc. some of which I had almost forgotten (some of them I had actually completely forgotten). Since the tapes were not in a very good condition it seemed to be a good idea to transfer them to digital to keep the recordings from ceasing to exist altogether. While listening to the tapes after all those years it occurred to me that the material, in spite of the fact that the majority are demo recordings, has an appeal to it that went beyond my personal nostalgia.

I considered remixing, editing some of it but people told me to leave the stuff alone and get it out as it is, for God’s sake. The fact that most of the multi-track tapes were lost or destroyed made this decision somewhat easier.

The selection is highly subjective, and there will be some songs included that some would have left out, others will miss songs I left out. I had to leave out some of my personal favorites because the tapes were in too bad a condition and I might end up re-recording those after all.

I included some original demos of songs that were written for other artists, (e.g. "You`re The Only One” was meant for Julio and that fact inspired my vocal performance in a very special way  ),

Most of the recordings on this record are actually demos, never originally intended for release, so now don’t go complaining about the fidelity, O.K.?

All instruments played by myself unless indicated otherwise. This is pure Nick.



 01:     Say It   (3:08) (Recorded 1985 at Andreas Kersten’s home, mixed 1992 at Eject Studio)

 02:     City Of Shame   (4:11) (Recorded 1984 at Hookline Studio)

 03:     Go To Him   (4:28) (Recorded 1985 at Andreas Kersten’s home)

 04:     That’s It   (3:16) (Recorded 1985 at Andreas Kersten’s home)

 05:     Too Bloody To See    (2:54) Recorded 1979 at Hiss & Distortion Studio, mixed 1992 at Eject Studio)

 06:     Fly Away   (4:19) (Recorded 1985 at Hookline studio)    

 07:     You’re The Only One   (4:15) (Recorded 1985 at Andreas Kersten’s home)

 08:     Speak To Me   (3:36) (Recorded 1992 at Eject studio)

 09:     Lies   (3:32) (Recorded 1986 at Andreas Kersten’s home)

 10:     Haunted House   (3:22) (recorded 1992 At Eject Studio)

 11:     El Quinto Vez   (3:24) (Recorded 1985 at Andreas Kersten’s home)

 12:     Freak   (3:47) (Recorded 1985 at Andreas Kersten’s home)

 13:     The Way I Feel   (4:12) (Recorded 1993 Live At the Fantasy Factory Antarctica :- )

 14:     Never Give Up   (3:51) (Recorded 1994 at Eject Studio)



Nick Oosterhuis:     Vocals, Piano, Organ, Synths, Bass, Guitars, Drum programming.
Andreas Kersten:    Bass (1,3,4,11)
Peter Werner:         Bass (2)
Mirko Michalzik:      Acoustic Guitar, Backup vocal (8)
Peter Jobman:        Saxophone, Backup vocal (8)
Mike Vogel:             Backup vocal  (4)
Sandra Haenlein:    Backup vocal (6,12)
Rolf Köhler:             Chorus vocal (14)

All songs written, arranged & recorded by Nick Oosterhuis.
All songs published by Eject Music, except (7) Hookline Music.
Recorded between 1984 and 1994 @ Eject Studio,
Hookline Studio, Hiss & Distortion Studio and Andreas Kersten’s Home.

Cover painting:      Johannes Saurer.
Photos:         Sandra Haenlein. Trudy Schafer

Thanks to:         Sandra, Andreas, Peter, Mirko, Rolf and Johannes.
Special thanks to Siggy.

Produced by Nick Oosterhuis.  © + (P) Eject Music

Original Sketch by Johannes Saurer (From The Dutchbin)